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The Oak Over the House

Hazard Reduction Pruning of Large Red Oak – Seattle, WA

One of the largest and oldest Red Oaks (Quercus rubra) in the city of Seattle is rooted in a residential parking strip in Capitol Hill. With a trunk nearly 5 feet in diameter, this spectacular tree is nearly 120 years old. The massive canopy spreads over 100 feet across a busy city street and six residential properties. In 2016, the property closest to the base of the tree was redeveloped. The homeowner worked with their builder and the City of Seattle to construct the home as far from the tree as possible. Even with diligent efforts to protect the root structure and health of the tree, there was still some damage to the root zone which extended well beyond the canopy. Four years later, several large dead limbs were overhanging the house creating a hazard for the client, their home and neighboring properties.

Many aspects of this jobsite were challenging. The canopy and work area spread over the busy street and both sidewalks. We also had to work in close proximity to roofs and large glass windows. With houses and formal landscaping below, it was nearly impossible to drop any cut material out of the tree.

Given the location and size of this Oak, we knew this would be a difficult and time-consuming job to complete safely. For maximum public safety, we closed the sidewalk and brought additional team members. Then, a combination of careful climbing and an aerial lift in the street enabled us to work efficiently. While working aloft, extensive technical rigging was required to safely lower heavy material and prevent any impact to structures and landscaping.

During the project, we successfully removed multiple large dead limbs that presented hazards to the new home, its occupants and neighbors. We also performed a thorough canopy inspection to identify and mitigate hazards not visible from the ground.

Now, the client, their neighbors and Capitol Hill residents can safely enjoy this tree that has shaded the neighborhood for generations.

Contact Tree133 for professional tree care and hazard mitigation services.

* This project completed together with Conservation Tree Care, Inc. Tree133 is based in North Seattle where we are fortunate to have a robust urban canopy and vibrant neighborhoods.



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