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Meet Our Team

professional arboist in Seattle

Lead Arborist & Manager

Craig Bachmann

As a Certified Arborist, ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, industry speaker and writer, and safety trainer, Craig is passionate about tree care. He is dedicated to elevating the profession of arboriculture and building the most trusted and capable arborist firm in the Seattle area.

Jacob headshot.png

Certified Arborist 


With more than 11 years in arboriculture, Jacob has held leadership positions at several well respected tree companies in the Seattle and was an arborist for the University of Washington. He is also an accomplished sailer having been a UW Navy Midshipman.


Apprentice Arborist


With a background in outdoor education and wild land firefighting, David has years of experience working with trees. He is an Eagle Scout and rock climber with a passion for all things outdoors. Now completing his second year in the profession, David is perparing for his Certified Arborist exam. 

Shop Dogs_edited.jpg

Shop Dogs

Jack Dog & Charlie Girl

Chilling at the shop, riding in the truck, or snoozing in the office, these pups bring enthusiasm and joy to every activity. Jack Dog is a rescue from Texas who came to us via Seattle Humane Society. Charlie Girl was taken in by the Seattle Animal Shelter and fostered before joining our pack. 

Karsten - Tree133

Certified Arborist & Field Supervisor


A highly skilled arborist and climber, Karsten is a Marine Corps veteran and a native of Indiana. He is a Certified Arborist and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. Karsten is also a very accomplished mountaineer. His proven technical expertise and leadership abilities are great assets to our team.

Grace - Tree133

Certified Arborist 


As a Certified Arborist with a formal education in Forest and Natural Resource Management, Grace has an extensive understanding of the science of arboriculture. She loves having a tangible impact on the life of each tree she touches, the urban ecosystem and the people whose lives are enriched by these trees. 

Tree133 Operations Manager

Business Manager

Joanna Bachmann

Having supported the family business for several years, Joanna officially joined Tree133 in 2020. She wears many hats (or helmets) so you may hear from her in the office, meet her on a project or see her around town at community events.  

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