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Roots & Planting

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Nearly one-half of a tree’s structure is below ground.  The shape of a tree’s root system is often misunderstood.  A healthy root system is shaped like the leg of a pedestal table with roots spreading in all directions and often extending more than twice the radius of the crown. 


The majority of tree roots are located in the upper two (2) feet of soil and often shallower.  This makes them highly vulnerable to damage and can lead to conflicts with adjacent structures.  Tree133 provides a variety of root care services to improve tree condition and minimize conflicts. 


Count on Tree133 for high-quality tree care above and below ground.

Root Invigoration

arborist working

More than 80% of tree problems originate below ground.  A vigorous root system is essential to tree health and stability.  Root invigoration promotes growth of essential fibrous, absorbent roots.  Our Certified Arborists utilize vertical mulching, soil amendment and organic root stimulants to improve the conditions of your tree's root system. The result is a healthier tree that is better able to withstand changing climate conditions.  

Pneumatic Excavation

Aborist preparing tree for construction

Tree roots are highly vulnerable to impacts from human activity including vehicles, machinery and event foot traffic. Construction is a common factor in the decline and failure of mature trees. Direct root damage and compacted soils can severely impact the root system.


The best way to prevent construction damage is to perform exploratory excavation and root pruning prior to construction. Our Certified Arborists utilize pneumatic excavation to locate and carefully expose the root system.  We then proactively prune roots to help prevent construction damage.  We can also install tree protection zones, including fencing and surface mulch, to ensure your trees are protected throughout the construction process.  

Tree & Shrub Planting

Arborist planting small tree

Healthy roots are also essential for new plants.  Tree133 utilizes modern best practices for planting trees and shrubs. Our Certified Arborists begin with washing, inspecting and pruning roots to correct defects and promote sustainable growth.  We also amend the soil to improve organic content and stimulate rapid root growth. This ensures your trees and shrubs quickly become established and begin growing in size. Watch a video a about bare-root planting from the Tree133 Team.

Root Management

arborists pruning roots

Vigorous roots are essential to tree health. They can also cause problems for infrastructure. Tree133 provides root management services for trees of all sizes, including those adjacent sidewalks, driveways and foundations. Our Certified Arborists utilize pneumatic excavation to carefully expose the root system.  We then perform necessary pruning to correct root defects and prevent impacts to adjacent structures.

Stump Treatment

rotten tree stump

We recognize that some trees need to be removed, this is particularly true for invasive species and hazard trees.  Preventing regrowth of the stump can be difficult and stump grinding is not always an option due to access limitations.


Tree133 provides ethical and responsible stump treatment to prevent regrowth of unwanted trees and shrubs.  Our Certified Arborists are fully licensed with Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).  We apply all products carefully using best practice techniques to prevent exposure to people and pests and protect the environment.

Bare Root Transplanting

arborist planting tree

High-quality ornamental trees are often damaged or removed during construction.  Tree133 provides transplanting services to help you retain valuable specimen trees.  We utilize bare root techniques which enables transplanting of trees not accessible by machinery.  This approach minimizes root loss and enables rapid establishment in the new location.  Before replanting, our Certified Arborists correct root defects and thoroughly amend the soil to promote positive long-term growth.   Contact Tree133 to learn about options for transplanting trees on your property.


Please note, Tree133 does not perform transplanting of large trees.  This requires heavy equipment (e.g., tree spade or crane).  For those services, we recommend Big Trees in Snohomish, WA.


Craig is an outstanding arborist with great climbing skills and a gift of leadership that can't be taught. If you are ever in need of someone for arboriculture work or trining needs, Tree133 is the place to call. 

— Cole S.

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