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Our professional crew

Training for Professional Arborists

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Tree133 believes in the value of continuing education and professional development for arborists. We regularly participate in field courses, workshops and webinars to ensure we are using the best available information for tree risk assessment and tree care. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge to help improve the safety and skills of fellow arborists in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Contract Climbing / On-the-job Training

Tree133 regularly assists fellow arborists with unique and challenging tree care projects. This may be pruning of very large trees, installing tree support systems (cabling) and removal of hazard trees in difficult locations. This is commonly referred to as “contract” climbing. 

While the primary goal is completing the work, this is an ideal opportunity for on-the-job training to increase the knowledge and skills of your crew. During contract projects, Tree133 provides practical skills around job hazard analysis, chainsaw safety, proper cutting techniques, use of moving rope (MRS) and stationary rope (SRS) systems, effective work positioning, aerial rescue methods and more.

Arborist Education


Craig has also enjoyed the challenge of teaching arborist safety and skills in English and Spanish, here in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. 

We believe the concept “pay it forward” is essential to raising the knowledge, skills and safety of the arboriculture profession. Craig Bachmann, Lead Arborist & Manager at Tree133, was fortunate to learn from world-class arborists early in his career. Today, he strives to continue that legacy of mentorship through writing, speaking and hands-on training events. 


Craig has several articles published in TCIA Magazine and Arborist News. He has become a frequent speaker at regional and national events, including the PNW ISA conference and TCI Expo, the largest tree care event in the world. He has also presented several educational webinars and TreeConferenceCalls sponsored by Tree Stuff. 


Craig is an outstanding arborist with great climbing skills and a gift of leadership that can't be taught. If you are ever in need of someone for arboriculture work or trining needs, Tree133 is the place to call. 

— Cole S.

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