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The House Within the Apple Tree

Assessment of Apple Tree with Large Tree House – Kenmore, WA


Many years ago, the client began building a tree house in an old apple tree. The project evolved and it became a three-story structure with significant weight. Was the Apple tree healthy, stable and strong enough for this use? Tree133 was asked to inspect the tree and provide guidance.

This was an unusual project because the tree house was built in a relatively small tree. The homeowner had some structural engineering knowledge, but limited experience with trees. Throughout construction, numerous pruning cuts were made which resulted in wounds and cavities in the tree. Further, the client used a variety of outdated methods to fill the cavities and “paint” the cuts.

Tree133 performed a thorough inspection of the Apple tree, evaluating both health and stability. Based on this inspection, we advised the client on areas of concern and discussed options to reduce the load carried by the tree.

We shared advice regarding proper care of tree cavities and pruning cuts. Filling cavities is detrimental and wound “paints” are unnecessary, often inhibiting the tree’s natural response growth. We also provided recommendations for protecting the root zone and maintaining proper irrigation.

With this input, our client was empowered to better care for this important tree and enable his friends and family to continue enjoying this unique tree house.

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