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The Pine Over the Playset

Scots Pine Removal – West Seattle, WA


Dead trees pose a significant hazard as they begin to deteriorate. Limbs become brittle and can break unexpectedly or the entire tree can fail near the base. Depending on the tree’s location, complete tree removal may be the best – or only – option to mitigate risk to people/structures.

At this site, a new children’s play structure had been installed directly under this Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Completing this removal required advanced climbing and rigging to protect property and perform the work safely.

The “drop zone” for material was small due to the playset location so we cut and carefully lowered manageable pieces. To manage the tree’s weakened condition, Tree133 utilized multiple rigging points to distribute loads throughout the tree canopy.

With the dead tree gone, children can again safely use the play area and the family can once again enjoy their yard.

Contact Tree133 to learn more about risk assessment and hazard tree removal.

* This project completed together with Michael Oxman.

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