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A Hazard On the Hill

Pacific Madrona Removal – Kirkland, WA


The Pacific Madrona (Arbutus menziesii) has one of the largest habitat ranges in North America. Populations of these unique trees are found along the Pacific Coast from British Columbia down to Mexico. In Canada, they are referred to as Arbutus. Here in Washington, we call them Madrona. From Oregon south, they are commonly referred to as Madrone.

These trees prefer the forest edge with a mixture of sun and shade. They do not tolerate dry sunny hillsides. Sadly, developers will often remove adjacent trees leaving a previously healthy Madrona exposed to the full sun. This leads to rapid decline and ultimately these trees must be removed.

This particular project was challenging because the tree was located on a very steep hillside above and behind a newly constructed home. Further the tree leaned toward and over the house.

With limited access to the tree – and multiple steep slopes to negotiate – Tree133 solved the problem creatively with a controlled speed-line system. We used tensioned ropes to carefully maneuver branches over and around the house, and then land them over 150 ft away near the truck and chipper.

The result was a challenging job completed safely and efficiently at a reasonable cost.

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