Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an "arborist"?

An arborist is a professionally trained expert who cares for and maintains trees….

How are you going to get in the tree?

Our arborists climb trees using modern techniques

Do you work in the rain?

Yes - in Seattle, we’re used to working in the rain! The safety of our crew is our top priority so if wind or lightening are in the forecast, we pay extra attention and adjust schedules to keep everyone safe.

Do you have a chipper?

Our crew typically arrives with a truck and trailer, rather than a chipper. This makes for a much quieter workday on your property!

What do you do with the material?

If requested, we can leave firewood. Other material is taken to green waste recycling.

Can I use the wood in my fireplace?

While some types of wood burn better than others, most can be used in your fireplace. Remember, that unless we are removing “deadwood” from your tree, the wood will need to dry for a season before burning.

It's so quiet, are you working?

We use hand tools as often as possible. Many of our chainsaws are battery-operated and significantly quieter than gas-powered equipment. Our crew typically uses Bluetooth microphones inside their helmets, so they can talk to each other without shouting.